Multi-sensorial dialogue

You are about to enter the virtual space of Carrozzerie n.o.t., where our multi-sensorial artistic dialogue comes to life.


As you click on each of the rooms in the map below, you will be immersed in the performances of our five talented and very diverse artists, who have worked with different media to bring the concept of joy to life.

Please feel free to explore ON JOY and its virtual space in any way that you like, keeping in mind that some performances may require pre-registration while others are hosted on different platforms.


Thank you for joining us, and welcome to this evening exploring joy.

The Artists

Through an open call, artists were invited to respond to the concept of joy and five projects were selected by our curatorial team, bringing joy to the audience.


The visual artist Daniele Sciacca, the musicians of the Electro Organic Orchestra, the videomaker Lou Xin, the singer Roberta Staffieri and the performer Riccardo Festa, who was commissioned to create his project in collaboration with our curatorial team.

The Concept

"Joy is one’s passage from a lesser to a greater perfection." 

— Baruch Spinoza (Ethics) 

The search for joy is inevitable for the human race. Consciously or subconsciously, one is always persuading joy over pain, balance over crisis, peace over desperation. Now, more than ever, with the uncertainties and difficulties that we are experiencing, we need to remind ourselves what are the simple things that can give us joy.

ON JOY explores this vast world of feelings, emotions and sensations through a multi-sensorial multidisciplinary dialogue that can help us reconnect - through art - with ourselves and the world that surrounds us, generating an expression that is not only meant to be seen, but to be felt.

The Team

A group of international young professionals enrolled at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design - attending the Master in Arts Management.

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