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We are a group of international young professionals enrolled at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design attending the Master in Arts Management. Coming from different nationalities and backgrounds, and also having to adapt to the ‘new’ everyday due to the Covid-19 emergency circumstances, our perceptions and creative processes have shifted. This development was first realized in our previous project presented in Florence, called At the Edge of Chaos; the first fully-conceived online exhibition in this city, in which we worked hand in hand with our partners - Palazzo Strozzi and Manifattura Tabacchi, as well as with the Institutions and artists involved. This was visualised in a virtual space (that can be explored here), which was inspired by the work of Tomás Saraceno, examining the collision between complex systems and societal interaction, nature, and human psyche. For our next project in Rome, we believe that it is important - at least for a day - to drift from the uncertainties and difficulties that we are experiencing nowadays, and remind ourselves what are the daily and simple things that can give us joy.


ON JOY will therefore explore this vast world of feelings, emotions and sensations through a multi-sensorial dialogue that can help us reconnect with ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Anna Rebecca Fdz-Checa García

Curatorial - Graphic Design -  Social Media

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Arnagul Zhakudayeva

Crowdfunding -  Production

Erica Gatti.jpg

Erica Gatti

Press Office -  Production

Anna Rebecca Fernandez-Garcia.JPG

Gabriela V. Marton Szalay

Graphic Design -  Production - Press Office

Tu Junfu.jpg

Giusy Todaro

Social Media - Production

Giusy Todaro.jpg

Hélène Ziegler

Crowdfunding - Press Office

Hélène Ziegler.JPG

Junfu Tu

Curatorial-  Crowdfunding

Juli von Glasow

Crowdfunding -  Production

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Melissa Marie Toscanini Segale.JPG

Melissa Marie Toscanini Segale

Curatorial -  Social Media

Monica Hirano.JPG

Monica Hirano

Curatorial-  Production

Nannette Garcia Navas.JPG

Nannette Garcia Navas

Curatorial - Graphic  Design - Social Media

Nathalie Marie Barés Neuman

Curatorial - Social Media - Website

Tianqi Yi.JPG

Tianqi Yi

Crowdfunding -  Graphic Design - Social Media

Tjaša Ninić

Curatorial -  Production

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