Daniele Sciacca 

Canta Tu!

Daniele Sciacca was born in Chieti, in 1994. In 2014 he attended the sculpture course at RUFA -Rome University of Fine Arts. In 2017 he left for Bilbao, where he made his first solo exhibition at the artistic center of Bilbao Arte. In mid-2018 he joined Spazio In Situ. His artistic research focuses on the concept of banality, addressing various issues, such as social and cultural dynamics, observing and re-proposing habits, customs, and clichés of our contemporaneity, with an ironic, cynical and deliberately naive approach.


At ON JOY the artist will present Canta Tu! an interactive karaoke performance that celebrates and investigates the human capacity for spontaneous happiness.

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Canta tu! 

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