IED - Istituto Europeo di Design - Active since 1966, when the first school was opened in Milan, Istituto Europeo di Design has been expanding and operating in the disciplines of design, fashion, visual arts, management and communication, in different cities both in Italy and abroad. IED Firenze and Roma collaborate every year to offer the Arts Management Master course, divided into two semesters, and whose final projects are the development and organization of professional artistic events. In Florence the young professionals realized an online exhibition, At the edge of chaos, whereas for Rome they worked on the creation of ON JOY, a one-night performing arts event.


369gradi is a production company recognized by MIBACT that supports and produces performing arts in the field of innovation, experimentation and multidisciplinarity. The project was born under the general direction of Valeria Orani, closely linked to the construction of strategies that allow both growth and enhancement of talent and creativity of artists, and the promotion and dissemination of contemporary Italian dramaturgy and performing arts in Italy and abroad.


Carrozzerie | n.o.t. is an established Roman space that hosts multidisciplinary activities such as dance, theatre and performing arts. It is also a hub of professional and non-professional artistic education, focusing particularly on creative projects for under-18s. Once a real body shop (carrozzerie) near Ponte Testaccio, it was restored and redeveloped in 2013, becoming a Cultural Association under the artistic direction of Maura Teofili and Francesco Montagna.

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fattiditeatro as our media partner, is a blog founded and curated by Simone Pacini. It was born in 2008 as a Facebook group (over 10,000 members, the largest online theater community) and over time it has become a transversal brand, in and out of the web. Among the activities of Fattiditeatro there are the itinerant workshops on performing arts and web 2.0 (over 60 realized in 18 regions since 2012). The blog also offers "Social Media Partnership" reports and "Social Media Storytelling" projects. In addition to the articles on the blog, among the numerous social publishing activities there are the sections “IAT Consigli teatrali” (on Facebook) and the “#SelfieStick” videos (on Facebook and YouTube). Also, the company Instabili Vaganti (with the diary of their international tours) and the photographer Carolina Farina collaborates on a regular basis with fattiditeatro.

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